Vietnam Visa Exemption for Phu Quoc Island 

Updated on Oct 08, 2023 | Vietnam e-Visa

All foreign citizens who are travelling from foreign nations to Vietnam can take a trip to Phu Quoc Island and stay there for a period of thirty days without a Vietnamese Visa. 

This Island located in Vietnam is known as a Special Economic Zone.  The Island was given that title in the year 2005. Since then, visitors from across the globe are allowed to enter and stay in the Island without a Vietnam Visa. 

Please keep in mind that this exemption will be permitted for those visitors who will enter taking a trip to the Island and will be travelling back from the Island on international aeroplanes. If the tourist is planning to visit Vietnam and Phu Quoc Island together, then they will need to hold a valid Vietnam Visa by applying for it before they start their journey to Vietnam. 

This informative article aims at educating every foreign traveller who wishes to take a trip to Phu Quoc Island about Phu Quoc Visa exemption, who all can take the benefits of the Vietnam Visa exemption to the Island and what is the ideal for visitors to take a visit to the Island. 

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Is Phu Quoc Island Open for Travel and Tourism? 

Yes. Just like the opening of the other parts of mainland Vietnam, there is an opening of Phu Quoc Island too for the purpose of travel and tourism. International tourism and related activities have now started to take place in the Island. 

The Island was the first Vietnam travel and tourism spot that started welcoming back international travellers who want to visit the Island and experience its beauty. Please note that the visitors who are fully vaccinated are allowed to enter and visit the Island from Nov. 2021. 

The restrictions on the entry of foreign travellers are now matching with the restrictions laid by the other parts of Vietnam. Vietnam was fully open to travel and tourism from 2022. This means that since 2022, all the restrictions regarding the Covid-19 virus have been lifted from the country. 

Citizens of 80 countries are eligible for Vietnam Visa Online. The Vietnam Visa eligbility must be met to obtain the visa to travel to Vietnam. A valid passport is required for entry into Vietnam. Learn more at Tourist Eligible Countries for Vietnam Visa.

Which Travellers Will Be Needed to Apply For A Vietnam Visa To Take A Trip To Phu Quoc Island? 

The visitors, travelling to Phu Quoc Island, from different parts of the world, will not need to apply for a Vietnam Visa if they are taking a trip to the Island only. This simply means that Phu Quoc Visa exemption will be put in place for travellers who do not want to visit other parts of Vietnam but want to travel and stay in Phu Quoc Island only. 

To obtain full benefits of the Vietnam Visa exemption to the Island, the travellers will either must take a flight directly to the Island from outside the Vietnamese borders. Or they will have to transit through an international airport in Vietnam. 

The travellers will be required to hold an onward journey ticket. This ticket should be for a destination that is located outside the Vietnamese borders within one month of arrival in the Island. 

Entry to Vietnam can be gained through an e-Visa. Vietnam e-Visa is an electronic or digital visa which is granted online by the Vietnam Immigration Department/Portal. Learn more at Vietnam Visa Application.

Will The Travellers Be Required to Hold A Vietnamese Visa When They Are Taking A Trip From Phu Quoc Island? 

The foreign visitors who are planning to take a visit to mainland Vietnam from the Island after they have explored Phu Quoc island will have to check the requirements and regulations associated with the Vietnamese Visa. After that, they will have to apply for a concerned travel permit. 

Phu Quoc Visa exemption will be permitted for those foreign travellers only who are aiming to take a trip to Phu Quoc Island and travel back from Phu Quoc island to the foreign nationals from where they have come from. 

Almost every foreign visitor will be required to apply for a Vietnamese Visa. Visitors from more than one hundred and eighty nations which includes many European and US nations will be allowed to apply for a Vietnamese electronic Visa on the internet. This can be done via the Vietnamese Immigration Department website. 

The procedures to obtain a Vietnam E-Visa are quick and efficient. By filling a simple as easy to understand application form, travellers will be permitted to get a Vietnam E-Visa. The Vietnamese electronic Visa has eliminated the need for the applicant to take a trip to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or the consulate office to apply for a Vietnam Visa in-person.

Foreign nationals without a valid working visa or temporary residence card who will be working with or for a company in Vietnam, attending a meeting or negotiation, or signing contracts will be granted a short-term business visa to Vietnam. Learn more at Vietnam Business Visa.

Will The Foreign Travellers Need To Apply For A Different Vietnam Visa To Take A Trip To Vietnam If They Are Already Holding The Vietnam E-Visa? 

The foreign visitors who are holding a Vietnamese electronic Visa will not be required to apply for any other additional Visas apart from the E-Visa. Anyways, there is no Visa required if the traveller will be travelling only to Phu Quoc Island. 

But if they are taking a trip to other Islands in Vietnam, or if they are planning to visit mainland Vietnam, then they will have to keep that Vietnam E-Visa to travel to places in Vietnam that require foreign travellers to hold a valid Vietnam Visa.

The foreign visitors who will be travelling to Vietnam with the Vietnamese electronic Visa should note that the validity period of this E-Visa will be ninety days from the date on which they arrive in the country. A journey to Phu Quoc Island will also be included in this validity period of the Vietnam E-Visa. 

The Vietnamese electronic Visa is also available for multiple-entry since August  2023. This means that travellers will be permitted to enter and exit from Vietnam multiple times on the single Vietnam E-Visa. 

The travellers will be permitted to reside in the country for a period of ninety days with the Vietnam E-Visa and they can travel in and out of the country according to their preferences. Due to this, the travellers will be able to travel to not only Phu Quoc island, but many other beautiful parts of mainland Vietnam as well. 

The Vietnam E-Visa is an electronic visa which can be gained online through different services. The E-Visa is valid for thirty days in total and can be used for a single entry only. The Vietnam Visa will be given to citizens of eighty countries upon successful completion of Vietnam visa application form and other necessary steps. Learn more at Vietnam e-Visa Application Overview.

What Are the Requirements For The Phu Quoc Visa Exemption? 

Phu Quoc Visa exemption will be given to only those visitors who do not plan to enter any other part of Vietnam apart from the Island. This exemption will also be given to those travellers who will be considered eligible for it by fulfilling all the necessary requirements for it that is related to a Vietnam Visa exemption.

Visitors can start travelling to Phu Quoc Island as the only and last destination without a valid Vietnam Visa or a pre-approval letter for a Vietnamese Visa if they are fulfilling the following requirements: 

  • The applicant should ensure that the passport that they are using to enter Phu Quoc island should be valid for a period of six months. This validity should mandatorily go beyond the date of the traveller's arrival in the Island. 
  • Onward journey ticket of a return ticket to the traveller's nation from where they have come from to visit Vietnam which will lead them to a designation outside the Vietnamese borders within one month of their arrival in the Island. 

The visitors who have been extradited in the past will not be permitted to travel to Vietnam without a valid Vietnam Visa. Along with that, the visitors who are on the Interpol's wanted people's list will not be enabled to gain the benefits of a Visa-free stay in Vietnam.

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How Can Foreign Travellers Apply for A Vietnam Visa To Take A Trip To Phu Quoc Island? 

Many visitors who enter Phu Quoc Island to explore its beauty wish to travel to the other Islands of Vietnam and mainland destinations of Vietnam as well. For this reason, they will be required to apply for a Vietnam Visa as Phu Quoc Visa exemption will not work for the visitor if they wish to travel to other parts of Vietnam along with the Island. 

By applying for a Vietnam E-Visa and holding it before the applicant starts their journey to Vietnam, they will be enabled to travel to not only Phu Quoc Island, but other incredible destinations and Islands of Vietnam such as Ha Long Bay and Da Nang. 

The passport holders of over one hundred and eighty nations will be enabled to apply for a Vietnamese electronic Visa online by making use of these steps: 

Step 1: 

The first step to obtain a Vietnamese electronic Visa from Vietnam Visa Online and fill out the application form. The whole process can be completed online. The applicants will require a soft copy of their passport and a face photograph to complete the Vietnam E-Visa application form.

Step 2: 

The second step is to pay the Vietnam E-Visa fees. The applicant will have to make a digital payment for their Vietnam E-Visa using a Debit or Credit card. 

The applicants will receive a receipt of the confirmation of their payment once the payment has been done. 

Step 3: 

After the applicant has submitted the essential documents and has made the payment for the Vietnam Visa as well they should receive a copy of Vietnam e-Visa via email in the PDF format. 

The Vietnam E-Visa online is one of the most fast-track mediums to obtain a Vietnam Visa. That's why the processing and approval time taken by the Vietnamese authorities will range from 03 business days to 10 business days which is much less than the processing times in which the applicants will be enabled to get a Vietnam Visa from other application mediums. 

Once the application for a Vietnam E-Visa of the traveller has been processed and approved, they will be sent an email on the email address that they had mentioned in the Vietnam E-Visa application form. This email will contain the approved Vietnam E-Visa and other essential details and guidelines about the Vietnam E-Visa. 

Once the applicant gets this Visa, they will have to take a printout of it and carry it with them on their journey to Vietnam. Once in Vietnam, all the applicant will have to do is present their E-Visa to the border authorities to take entrance in Vietnam. 

The Vietnamese electronic Visa or the Vietnam E-Visa can be a multiple-entry or single-entry Visa type. You can choose to apply for a multiple-entry Visa at the time of filling the application form. This simply indicates that the visitors will be permitted to take entrance and exit from Vietnam as many times as they wish till their Visa is valid for. 

Along with that, the validity period of this Visa type has been extended as well. This means that the travellers will be allowed to reside in Vietnam for a period of ninety days which is greater than the earlier validity period which was of thirty days only.

Visitors can travel to Phu Quoc Island via the Hanoi international airport. Or any other international airport can be used for this purpose. The applicants will have to keep in mind that if they are visiting other parts of Vietnam as well along with Phu Quoc island, then they will have to complete their journey in the ninety days of available validity on the Vietnam E-Visa.

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Can There Be a Vietnam Visa Extension In Phu Quoc Island? 

Visitors who are residing in Phu Quoc island can apply for an extension of their Vietnamese Visa. But they should ensure that they are starting the procedures to apply for a Vietnam Visa extension at least fourteen days before the date on which their Visa expires. 

This is because the applicant will be required to send their passport to Ho Chi Minh City for getting the Vietnam Visa extension on their current Vietnamese Visa. The procedures for applying for a Vietnam Visa extension and an extension for the Visa will be provided by the Vietnamese Immigration Department office that is located in Ho Chi Minh City. 

After the processing and approval process of the Vietnam Visa extension is over and the extension has been approved by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, the travellers can either travel to Ho Chi Minh City to collect their passport with the extended Vietnam Visa. Or if they have applied through a travel agency, then they can get their passport posted to their location in Phu Quoc island. 

Transit is simply passing through Vietnam or en route to a third location. For this purpose too, the travellers will require a Vietnam Visa. Learn more at Vietnam Transit Visa .

What Is The Phu Quoc Island Visa Exemption Summary 

Getting A Vietnam Visa is not necessary if foreign visitors want to travel to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. All thanks to Phu Quoc Visa exemption because of which travellers can enjoy a Visa-free stay in the Island for a period of thirty days. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Phu Quoc Visa Exemption 

  1. Who is considered eligible to obtain a Phu Quoc Visa exemption? 

All foreign travellers who wish to enter and reside in Phu Quoc Island are considered eligible for a Vietnam Visa exemption. Please note that obtaining a Visa-free stay in Phu Quoc Island will only take place if the applicant is taking a direct flight to the Island and is travelling to a destination outside the Vietnamese borders directly once their planned stay in Phu Quoc Island is over. 

If the applicant is fulfilling all the necessary requirements for a Vietnam Visa exemption, then they will be considered eligible to enjoy the benefits of Visa-free stay in Vietnam. 

  1. What are the number of days for which visitors can reside in Phu Quoc Island Visa-free? 

If visitors from foreign nations wish to stay in Phu Quoc Island without a Visa, then will have to abide by aj important regulation. That important regulation is that they will have to leave the Island before thirty days of their stay is over because that is the acceptable period for which visitors can stay in Phu Quoc Island without a Visa. 

  1. What are the requirements to get a Vietnam Visa exemption for travelling to Phu Quoc Island?

The travellers will have to fulfil two important requirements to get a Vietnam Visa exemption for travelling and staying in Phu Quoc Island which are: 

  • A valid passport with six months validity. 
  • An onward journey ticket to a destination outside Vietnam. Or a return flight ticket to the nation they have come from.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vietnam Visa. Get answers to the most common questions about the requirements, important information and documents required to travel to Vietnam. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions for Vietnam E-Visa.

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