Frequently Asked Questions for Vietnam E-Visa

Are you planning to spend your summers on beautiful beaches? Or do you want to travel through the largest cave in the world? If yes, then Vietnam is the perfect country for you. Vietnam not only comprises the largest cave in the world, but many more wonders which are worth exploring and experiencing. Vietnam is surely one of the best countries for every nature and food lover!

If you wish to take a vacation in Vietnam this vacation season, then let us prepare a checklist of the most important things you will require for travelling to Vietnam. You will need your visa, passport and flight tickets most importantly.

Speaking of visas, did you know that now you can get a Visa to Vietnam online? Yes, you heard it right! E-Visa is a kind of electronic or digital visa to Vietnam which can be gained on the internet. Don't know what E-Visa means? Well, we are here to tell you about what E-Visa to Vietnam means and much more in this Vietnam visa FAQ article.

The Benefits Of Obtaining A Vietnam E-Visa

Before we dive into learning the frequently asked questions for Vietnam E-Visa, let's learn about the reasons or benefits for which you should obtain a Vietnam visa online or a Vietnam E-Visa.

1. It is extremely convenient to gain a Vietnam E-Visa

One of the main reasons why foreigners prefer getting a Vietnam e-Visa instead of a conventional visa is the convenience factor it provides. The process of application is extremely simple and convenient. Since you are supposed to upload all the necessary documents online, there is no need to travel to the Embassy and submit them.

Anyone can apply for an E-visa anytime and anywhere. The only prerequisite is a smart device and a simple internet connection. The Vietnam visa on arrival can be gained at only five international airports in Vietnam. However, the e-Visa enables you to enter Vietnam through 8 international airports. Additionally, this visa is valid for entering Vietnam through the thirteen international border gates. And seven sea ports across Vietnam.

This indicates that no matter how you reach the country, your entry in Vietnam can take place through various border checking points. Make sure to submit or show your e visa to the immigration staff during arrival and departure.

2. You are enabled to save time through Vietnam E-Visa

As we discussed above, it takes only an internet connection and a smart device to apply for a Vietnam e-Visa. This also refers to the speed and efficiency with which you can gain your e-Visa. If you are running short on time, then applying for a Vietnam e-Visa is probably the best option.

This is because you can complete the application process in only a few minutes ranging from 5 minutes to maximum 10 minutes to complete the entire process. Moreover, you save a lot of time in avoiding the hustle to travel to the embassy or travel agency and then apply for a Visa. You also gain your visa in just three working days.

Moreover, when you gain the visa in advance, you will be saved from standing in the long queues at the airport. You will not have to waste your time or effort in waiting for getting a Visa stamp on your passport at the airport checkpoint. You can simply submit a printed visa at the time of arrival and departure.

3. You get to save money with Vietnam E-Visa

One of the most desirable factors, which drives most travelers to get a Vietnam E-Visa, is the affordability it provides. Vietnam E-Visa is extremely affordable and cost-effective. This is because you will not be required to pay any additional prices in terms of travel cost or essential documents. All you have to pay for the Vietnam E-Visa is the standard fees that must be paid in US dollars which is pretty affordable.

Once the visa approves, you will gain it directly on your email ID. The visa also takes only three working days to process. You will be able to save a lot of money on travelling costs to the Embassy or the Vietnam Immigration department. Moreover, you will also save money on the required documents preparation which is not the case when you try to get a visa in the conventional way.

Note:- Every applicant must take note that along with effective benefits, there are a couple of minute limitations of Vietnam E-Visa. The main limitation is the availability of the E-Visa due to a huge demand. Other limitations can be eligibility, duration of stay and limited purpose of visit. Even with such limitations, the Vietnam E-Visa remains to be one of the best options for gaining a visa for Vietnam.

What Is Vietnam E-Visa?

In simple words, E-Visa is a kind of visa granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department through a digital system. This electronic visa can be used to enter and stay in Vietnam for the span of one month. This visa can be gained by filing an application form on the official or government website of Vietnam E-Visa.

VWhat Is The Eligibility Criteria For The Vietnam E-Visa?

The Vietnam E-Visa will be granted to citizens of eighty countries in total. The pilot E-Visa system will enable foreigners to gain this visa for different purposes.

The following are the countries eligible for the online Vietnam visa application or the Vietnam eVisa:

For What Purposes Can The Vietnam E-Visa Be Gained?

The Vietnam E-Visa is granted for the following purposes:-

  • Tourism:- This visa is generally given for 30 days in which an individual can stay in Vietnam for thirty days and explore the country.
  • Business:- This visa is generally given for 30 days in which an individual can stay in Vietnam for business and trade purposes. Or for services and job purposes too.
  • Others:- The individual can stay in Vietnam for 30 days for different purposes such as study, relatives, medical and health concerns, etc.

Is The Vietnam E-Visa Valid For A Single Entry?

Yes. The Vietnam E-Visa is only valid for a single entry.

What Is the Required Passport Validity for Vietnam E-Visa?

Based on the laws and regulations of Vietnam for E-Visa, the minimum passport validity for gaining a visa must be at least thirty days after the expiration date of the Visa. This means that your passport needs to be valid for at least thirty days after the visa expires as the duration of stay in Vietnam is thirty days at max. The maximum validity of a passport is six months from the date of the expiration of the Visa.

How To Check The Status Or Result Of The Vietnam E-Visa?

For checking the result or status of the E-Visa, you must follow the following steps:-

  • Visit the official website of Vietnam E-Visa.
  • You will be required to fill in certain information like registration code, mail ID and DOB.
  • Once filled, the status or result of your E-Visa will be displayed on the screen. Remember to download the visa. And print it before travelling to Vietnam.
  • One must also remember to remember the registration code given to them which is extremely essential for login purposes and other purposes.

Which Documents Are Required For Gaining A Vietnam E-Visa?

The documents required, which must be kept ready before you start applying for the Vietnam E-Visa, are as follows:-

  • Passport:- The number one requirement for travelling to Vietnam is a passport. The applicant must make sure that their passport has a six months validity from the starting date of their travel to Vietnam. Or from the starting date of their Vietnam E-Visa. Also, the passport must contain two blank pages. This is for gaining the entry and exit stamps at the entry and exit checkpoints.
  • Recent photograph:- The applicant will be required to keep a recent photograph of themselves for submitting in the application form for the Vietnam visa. This photograph must have dimensions 4×6. And the background must be plain white.
  • Health insurance is optional:- The applicant needs to submit their medical or travel insurance if they have. This is not mandatory. The applicants are also required to show a negative Covid-19 test.
  • Mode of payment:- The applicant is required to have a valid and reliable mode of payment which operates digitally. The online payment method can be either credit cards, debit cards or any other accepted online mode of payment.
  • Valid email address:- In the application form for Vietnam E-Visa, the applicant will be required to provide a valid email address. An email address is also required for gaining the E-Visa receipt and confirmation. Other visa related communication shall also happen via Email.

What Are The Steps For Applying For A Vietnam E-Visa?

The steps for applying and gaining a Vietnam E-Visa are as follows:-

  • Firstly, the applicant will be required to visit the official website/page of the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • On that page, the applicant needs to find the application form for the Vietnam E-Visa.
  • Once the form is visible, read the instructions and guidelines and fill the data required. Also, attach the required documents asked in application form.
  • Next, the applicant is required to double check their data. If the data is accurate and best to their knowledge, they can pay the standard fees in US dollars.
  • Once that is done, submit the data. Through email, the applicant will receive a registration code and confirmation for their visa. They can use this code for logging in their account and check the status of the result of their Vietnam E-Visa.

Where To Solve Any Questions Regarding The Vietnam E-Visa?

For solving any questions or queries regarding Vietnam E-Visa, the applicant can follow two ways:-

  • The applicant can view the frequently asked questions page on the official website of the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • The applicant can send their questions on the Vietnam E-Visa support section.

Can Any Information On The Application Form Be Skipped Or Left Empty?

No. On the application form for the Vietnam E-Visa, every applicant is required to compulsorily fill all the information and data asked. No field can be left empty or skipped. The documents must also be submitted in all circumstances.

How To Make A Payment For The Vietnam E-Visa?

The payment for Vietnam E-Visa is usually done digitally through the bank account of the applicant. For making a payment, the applicant must follow the following steps:-

  • On the website page, the applicant will be provided with four different payment options.
  • Once a method has been finalized, hit the 'Pay' button and complete the transaction. The receipt will be given on the registered Email ID.

Will The Fees Be Refunded In The Case Of Visa Refusal?

No. The fees, once paid, will not be refunded if the Visa has been refused or cancelled from the side of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

How Many Checkpoints Are Dedicated For The Entry And Exit Of Vietnam E-Visa Holders?

The Vietnam E-Visa holders can enter Vietnam through thirty three different checkpoints in Vietnam. The applicant is allowed to fill their desired entry and exit checkpoint in their application form.

Is It Possible To Enter Vietnam Before The Entry Date Specified In The Visa?

No. Applicants will not be allowed to enter Vietnam before the date specified or mentioned in the Vietnam E-Visa. The applicants must also make a note that entry after the expiration of the Visa is not allowed.

Vietnam Visa FAQ Summary

As we can observe, gaining a Vietnam E-Visa online has numerous benefits and advantages. So the next time you wish to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa, make sure to refer to the frequently asked questions mentioned in this article as they are largely helpful and useful. They cover all the basic and essential steps and aspects of the Vietnam E-Visa application process.