Everything You Need to Know About Dependent Vietnam e-Visa

Updated on Aug 20, 2023 | Vietnam e-Visa

Are you a family member of a Vietnamese Citizen looking forward to visiting this country? Apply for Dependent Vietnam e-Visa! See here what it is and how to get one.

Vietnam is renowned as a top choice­ for migrants seeking an incredible­ opportunity to settle in this stunning country with the­ir loved ones. Whethe­r you are an expert, fore­ign student, or Vietnamese­ citizen eager to bring your family me­mbers or spouse here­, the Depende­nt Visa or TT Visa can provide valuable assistance. All your family needs to do is simply apply for Vietnam e-Visa, regardless of where they are residing. 

So, are you interested in knowing what exactly is this Dependent Visa and how it can help your family members to visit Vietnam? Let’s start this discussion with today’s informative blog.

Vietnam Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Vietnam for a period of time upto 30 days for travel or business purposes. International visitors must have a Vietnam Visa Online to be able to visit Vietnam . Foreign citizens can apply for an Vietnam Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Vietnam Visa Application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Understanding the Concept of a Dependent Visa or TT Visa

Before your family applies for an e-Visa to Vietnam, you need to have a clear concept of what a Dependent visa is all about. This type of unique visa is also popular as Vietnam Family Visa and it is mandatory for any Vietnamese citizen, who wants their family members, parents, or spouse to spend valuable time with them in this country.

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Vietnam e-Visa (Vietnam Visa Online) is a required travel authorization for travelers visiting Vietnam for business, tourism or transit purposes. This online process for electronic Visa for Vietnam was implemented from 2017 by the Government of Vietnam, with the goal of enabling any of the future eligible travelers to apply for an e-Visa to Vietnam. Learn more at Online Vietnam Visa.

Who Can Apply for Vietnam Dependent Visa or TT Visa?

Well,  before applying for this visa, an applicant need to meet certain criteria which we will discuss in this blog in detail. 

The National Assembly of Vietnam has amended certain laws related to the entry, exit, transit, and living of foreigners in Vietnam. As per Law No. 51/2019/QH14, which is dated November 25, 2019, the TT visa can only be issued to those people who meet the following eligibility criteria such as:

  1. The applicant( parents, children, or spouse) should be a family member of a Vietnamese citizen.
  2. Only the children, spouses, or any family member of the Vietnamese Citizen that has been issued with any of the 21 Vietnam visa types by the purpose of their visit. We will discuss a few popular among them:
  • LV1 and LV2 visas- Issued to the people who travel to Vietnam to work with top Vietnam Authorities like the Communist Party, Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, State Audit Agency, Ministries, socio-political, and other Governmental agencies.
  •  DT1, DT2, DT3, and DT4 Visa- These are basically Investor visas that are issued to people who are coming to Vietnam for business purposes or investing in business lines.
  • DH visa- This visa is issued to students who want to do an internship or study in this Country. If you have someone in your family who wants to study in Vietnam, he/she must hold a valid DH visa.

Note: Apart from the aforementioned Visas, there are a number of other visas like Working Visa( LD1, LD2). Tourist Visa ( DL), NN1, NN2, NN3, NN4, Meeting visa( HN), Journalist Visa( PV1, PV2), Electronic Visa( EV) and other purpose visa( VR). It is important to note that your family member must hold these valid visas and meet the criteria before applying for sponsorship from their dependents living in Vietnam.

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Many people travel to Vietnam today for leisure, business, education, etc. People who visit Vietnam for the first time frequently wonder which port they can enter through. This article discusses every port of entry for foreigners into Vietnam. Learn more at Vietnam Ports of Entry.

What is the Application Process for a Dependent Visa?

Any foreigner who wants to apply for Dependent Visa needs to have a sponsor living in Vietnam. This means your family member should have an active relationship with you, whether married or child-parent relationship. Vietnamese Citizens and foreigners who are holding the aforementioned Vietnam Visa are eligible to apply for the sponsorship.

And, when applying for a Vie­tnam e-visa, it is also important for the applicant to have a passport that will re­main valid for at least six months after their e­ntry into Vietnam. Additionally, they nee­d to provide:

  • The biographical passport-size image of the applicant
  • The address where they will be staying in Vietnam
  • A valid debit or credit card when paying the e-visa fees
  • An active email address to receive visa-related information
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The Vietnam E-Visa is an electronic visa which can be gained online through different services. The E-Visa is valid for thirty days in total and can be used for a single entry only. The Vietnam Visa will be given to citizens of eighty countries upon successful completion of Vietnam visa application form and other necessary steps. Learn more at Vietnam e-Visa Application Overview.

In a Nutshell

From its rich cultural destinations, stunning beaches, and festivals to delectable local cuisine, Vietnam has something for everyone to cherish. And, if you are a Vietnamese Citizen looking to explore this fascinating country with your family, it can be possible for your family by applying for a Vietnam e-visa online. At Vietnam eVisa, we provide expert assistance in document processing for both Business and Tourist visas. We can also help you with translating documents for over 100 languages, guiding you in filling out the Vietnam e-visa application form, and all other urgent visa needs.

So, what’s taking you so long? Click on this link to apply for e-Visa for Vietnam now!

Vietnam offers a comprehensive package, with mountains and deep valleys, rivers and seas, brilliant white sand beaches, delta streams, sand dunes, monuments, sanctuaries, and national parks. Vietnam is one of Asia's most underestimated places, with undiscovered beauty and breathtaking landscapes that must be visited for a classic trip. Learn more at Tourist Guide to Must See Places in Vietnam.

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