Vietnam Emergency Visa: How to Get One on Urgency

Updated on Feb 20, 2024 | Vietnam e-Visa

Is there any medical emergency, business urgency, or a personal one to travel to Vietnam? If yes, you need an Emergency Vietnam visa to have the travel permit!

Picture This: A client you have been trying to meet and sign a deal with for months suddenly calls for a meeting in Vietnam the day after tomorrow. No wonder you are in a rush! After all, everything’s left, from packing to booking your flight to Vietnam. 

But, what is most important is applying for the Emergency Vietnam visa! This visa facility is a lifesaver for those dealing with serious matters needing immediate attention. 

However, before applying, it’s important to know whether you are eligible for the visa application and how to obtain it. Learn here!

Emergency eVisa Eligibility Requirement Vietnam and How to Obtain One

Vietnam Emergency visa, also known as an Express Visa for Vietnam, allows individuals a valid travel permit to Vietnam for up to 30 days and 90 days who are looking for a rapid visa application online during an emergency. But, to apply for this, you need to meet its eligibility criteria. For instance: 

Last-minute travelers

If you are one of those who suddenly realize the need for a visa to enter Vietnam a few hours before your flight, this emergency Vietnam visa is surely for you.

Business Travelers

You can’t miss a huge deal that can benefit your company just because of not getting a visa, right? This rapid visa to Vietnam is for business persons who need urgent Vietnam visits to take care of business deals requiring emergency attention.

Tourists and frequent travelers

“Sudden travel plans always become successful”- If you are one of those who believe the fact and plan a spontaneous trip every time, this swift visa won’t disappoint you.

Delayed or denied visa applications

Have you recently faced a visa application denial or delays? If yes, and you need to have the same flight schedule to Vietnam, this Emergency visa is what you need.

You must hold on to all the required details and documents to be eligible to apply for an Emergency Vietnam eVisa online, including a valid passport with a 6-month validity and proof of emergency in Vietnam, like a medical letter or any business document. Of other requirements, you need to show copies of return flights and proof of accommodation arrangements.
Emergency Vietnam Visa

How to Get an Emergency Online Visa to Vietnam

Whether you have an urgent business meeting to attend, go on a sudden adventurous trip to Vietnam, or reach your family during medical emergencies here, an Emergency eVisa to Vietnam is a practical solution. To apply for it, you need to check first your eligibility for the visa application. If you qualify, here are the simple steps to follow to continue the application process:

  • Begin with accessing the website of an online travel agency for an Online Emergency visa application to Vietnam.
  • Fill out the application form providing all your required personal information and documents, from evidence of emergency, valid passport, email address, passport-size photographs, and much more.
  • Make the payment for the visa fee for the urgent visa, which can be a little more than the usual ones due to the additional costs.

You will receive the visa via your email as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait much for the travel permit! 

In Conclusion

For unforeseen emergency travel needs to Vietnam, this Emergency online visa is a practical solution to smoothly visit this Southeast Asian country. At Vietnam eVisa, we can help you obtain this rapid visa as quickly as possible while taking care of the entire process, from filling out the form to translating the documents to reviewing accuracy.

Apply now!

The Vietnam E-Visa is an electronic visa which can be gained online through different services. The E-Visa is valid for thirty days in total and can be applied for a single or multiple entry. Learn more at Vietnam e-Visa Application Overview.

Vietnam Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Vietnam for a period of time upto 30 days for travel or business purposes. International visitors must have a Vietnam Visa Online to be able to visit Vietnam . Foreign citizens can apply for an Vietnam Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Vietnam Visa Application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Check your eligibility for Online Vietnam Visa and apply for Online Vietnam Visa four (4) - seven (7) days in advance of your flight. US citizens, British citizens, Australian citizens, French citizens, Spanish Citizens, Dutch Citizens and Italian citizens can apply online for Online Vietnam Visa. Should you need any help or require any clarifications you should contact our Vietnam Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.